Aloha Center’s Compassionate Communication programs provide a simple and gentle way to upgrade your skills with a combination of Study, Practice, Coaching & Community Support.

Growth usually requires changing habits, developing new skills and finding gentle ways to understand ourselves and those who are most important.

NVC Compassionate Communication will help you change your habits though a collection of tools that are proven to enhance relationships and connection. As you gain greater proficiency and mastery of the tool set, you will find situations that used to trouble you become surprisingly easy to navigate.

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  • Jerry Jampolsky

    We are all interconnected in a most fundamental way, and empathy is our way of experiencing and expressing that deep connection with each other.  In this book, Chris speaks not only to the hearts of gifted Empaths, but to everyone who aspires to cultivate greater empathy in their daily lives in healthy ways.  "The Empath's Gift" guides us to honor and trust our emotional sensitivities and to use them in ways that truly serve ourselves and others. -Jerry Jampolsky, M.D. & Diane V. Z Ph.D. “Love is Letting Go of Fear”

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  • Linda Nicholson

    This NVC class was an unexpected gift! This learning has been life altering and the most valuable learning I’ve had to date. Heart felt gratitude and thanks!

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  • Wayne Bow

    Wow, what a journey! Chris, Much appreciation to you for sharing this amazing work with us. I feel gratitude for the tools that are sparking important changes in my relationships. My communications are becoming more clear and now I need to practice!

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  • Chad Taniguchi

    Mahalo for opening a new world!

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  • Chris Matser

    What a gift you’ve shared! So many thanks!!

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  • Lee Takagi

    Chris, I’m so glad I took this course. You are a masterful facilitator and do a great tag team with Michelle! Mahalo Nui

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  • Heidi Vanderheiden

    When it comes to empathic listening support, Chris Miller's ability to help those in emotional pain borders on the miraculous. I've both seen and experienced his skills and been amazed by what he is able to accomplish by listening deeply and asking questions. I highly recommend him!

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  • Sara Davidson

    I came to Chris Miller and Non-Violent Communication after decades of inner work -- two rounds of analysis, hundreds of hours of therapy, dozens of retreats and years of spiritual work.  Yet I was still fighting the old demons, being triggered by old patterns.  After training and just a few sessions with Chris, I found the source, the core trigger, that makes me lash back at people to defend myself.  Chris and NVC gave me an alternative way to react:  to take a break and get calm, then listen to the other with compassion, with no need to defend, apologize or justify myself.  When I'm able to listen without reacting, the problem dissolves and both parties come away feeling closer and enlivened.  It feels so freeing!  I just wish I'd learned this in kindergarten.  But... it's never too late to get along more joyfully with yourself and others.  I highly recommend Chris Miller, whatever your situation.
    -Sara Davidson, N.Y. Times best-selling author of “Loose Change” and “Leap”

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  • Margaret Gray

    I found my experience with Chris Miller as an NVC teacher and practitioner extremely helpful. His teaching, deep listening skills and empathy assisted me in clarifying my own approaches to connection to myself and others in thoughts and feelings. As a result I felt calmer emotionally and clearer in my thinking. This enabled me to make decisions which were more heart centered.

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  • Loren McKinney, Family Therapist

    Chris is more than a teacher of communications skills. He is a mediator, a counselor and a healer. He is compassionate and his demeanor is calming and peaceful, and he truly understands the connection between mind, body and spirit. I am grateful for his deep listening and support that has helped me transform my life. I highly recommend him for acquiring deep listening skills that will remove blocks and teaching you how to transform your life.

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