Listen, Focus, Express

Research shows convincingly that EQ is more important than IQ in almost every role, and many times more important in leadership and relationship.” -Dr. Stephen Covey

Upgrading your emotional intelligence (EQ) skills will improve every part of your life.  NVC Compassionate Communication offers a collection of EQ tools that will help you connect authentically with yourself and those important to you. Training offers a practical-gradient way to develop powerful skills that will enhance your personal and professional relationships.

The model is simple, yet powerfully transformative. By practicing NVC we learn to identify what is alive, both in ourselves and in others. We will understand one’s true intention and the values that lie beneath words and behaviors.

NVC Compassion encourages the cultivation of empathetic presence, a key EQ skill that builds connection effortlessly fostering trust and understanding in a natural way.

Current NVC Programs

8 Week Empathy, Compassion and EQ Skills Program

Develop deep listening and presence skills that will dramatically improve your relationships.  You will learn how to:

1. Empathically focus your attention on understanding others without compromising your own values.

2. Express your feelings and needs openly and honestly without blame or criticism.

5 Week Relationship Skills and Self Care Program

The quality of our lives is frequently defined by the quality of our relationships.

In just five weeks, learn to nourish and strengthen the relationship with yourself and the people you love.

Explore the tools found in great relationships.  Learn skills that will expand your capacity for connection and empathy while expanding your engagement in self care.

You too can create powerful relationships of love, collaboration and support!